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Our company

We are an over 25 years old, but still growing company of young people.
Established in 1990, Medlab-Products Ltd. is the biggest Polish producer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic and laboratory products for medical and other labs. Due to constant development and growing market share, currently we are the supplier for almost three quarters of domestic medical diagnostics laboratories, as well as hundreds of scientific, industrial and environmental labs.


Our offer

Our goal is supplying laboratories with a wide range of disposable laboratory products.
Our company is focused on disposable laboratory products for collecting and specimen testing. Our key products are: collecting products for blood, urine and other biological materials.

Our main product line, in which we are constantly putting a lot of development and improvement effort, and of which we are proud the most, is the vacuum blood collection system MLVacuCol®. It consists of a wide range of blood collection tubes, as well as all accessories necessary for performing harmless and reliable blood collection procedure.

We offer also wide range/group of products for conducting tests and storage of specimens such as tubes, containers, cuvettes, Petri dishes, loops and others.

Third part of our offer is laboratory liquid handling represented in our offer by Pasteur pipettes, mechanical laboratory pipettes, pipette tips and others.


Our quality
Quality and reliability of our products is the background of our company’s philosophy.

Therefore, all of our products fulfill quality standards, and many of them are produced in accordance with ISO 9000 or GMP norms.

What’s more, our Quality Control and Technical Research departments are constantly working on improving the quality and safety of our products and being an invaluable help to our customers, by solving their problems, which come up in daily laboratory routine.

Our customers

Our reference list covers over 2000 domestic customers.
The main groups are: medical labs (hospitals, medical academies, clinics and private labs) and industrial, scientific and environment laboratories. We also export our products to European Community countries and USA.

Medlab-Products Sp. z o.o., KRS 0000100180, Sąd Rejonowy m. st. Warszawy, XIV Wydz. Gosp. KRS, NIP 522-000-30-55, Numer Rejestrowy 000033562, Kapitał zakładowy 111.720,00 PLN